Blue Ombre Birthday Party


Blue Ombre Birthday Party

It began when I could not, for the life of me, come up with yet another boy birthday party theme. After three boys and 10 birthday parties between them all…I was outta gas.

In fact, I thought about just throwing my hands up and going with no theme at all.


Oh yes, until I decided a color theme is better than no theme {can I get amen?}.

Blue Ombre Birthday Party

Blue Ombre Birthday Party Decor Ideas

And so the Blue Ombre’ Birthday Party theme was birthed.

Errrrr, dreamed up. 

I’ve birthed enough things.

Blue Ombre Birthday Party Decor

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I had the BEST time decorating for this party. Mainly because it was super simple! Blue is easy to find when you are looking for boy party decor.

I absolutely adore how the cake turned out.

Blue Ombre Birthday Party Cake

Blue Ombre Birthday Party Sweets Table

Blue Ombre Birthday Party Shades of Blue Cake

And no, I didn’t bake it. Remember when I said I’m a boy mom, fountain coke lover, diy wanna-be in my bio? Yea, no where in there does it mention baker.

So no, I don’t bake cakes.

But I’m really good at telling our local bakery HOW I want my cake to look. That takes some talent too, no?


Cake by Larry’s House of Cakes.

Blue Ombre Birthday Party Table Decor

Blue Ombre Birthday Party Candy Table

I have always wanted to make one of those cute ribbon banners. I found the fabric already cut in 2-inch pieces and in a bundle of blue ombre’ {what, what!} at JoAnn Fabrics.

Blue Ombre Birthday Party Fabric Banner

Blue Ombre Birthday Party Decorations

All I had to do was cut each strip in half and tie them to a string. I hung white fabric with baby blue polka dots behind it. It made the most colorful back drop for the blue ombre theme.

I struggled with party favors this year. I am so over all the cheap silly plastic toys that they make for kid’s birthday parties.

If I’m being honest, we keep that kinda junk for about a day before it suddenly ends up in the trash and when my son asks, “Mom, where is that plastic frog I got from so-and-so’s party at?” I instantly act like I have no idea what happened to it.

Oh, come on…don’t act like you haven’t trashed those little trinkets without your kids knowing about it a time or two.

Blue Ombre Birthday Party Favors

Candy? Candy isn’t much better. Mostly because the last thing your child needs after spending 2 non-stop hours at a glorious energy draining birthday party…is more energy.

No sir.

Blue Ombre Birthday Party Favors

But, unfortunately, I caved and went candy this year.

I’m sure all the parents were swearing me under their breathe. But I needed BLUE ideas and Crunch Bars and Skittles fulfilled that description.

Sorry parents.

I hope that, despite my poor party decision, your kid went home and took a nap and saved the sugar rush for after.

Blue Ombre Birthday Party Cupcakes

Blue Ombre Birthday Party

Blue Ombre Birthday Party

Banner Envy made this gorgeous banner for me to hang outside by the pool. I was so impressed with the quality…and the size! It was huge and really made P Man feel super special.

Blue Ombre Birthday Party Banner by Banner Envy

He kept saying, “Momma, when are we gonna hang my big big banner?” 

I was almost certain that it was going to rain the day of his party. The forecast was not on our side and, according to the weather man, it was destined to rain all afternoon.

I prayed and prayed for no rain because I had absolutely NO back up plan. Notta. 

I really wasn’t excited about the thought of having 12-15 kids INSIDE my house with no games planned.  I also wasn’t excited about eating the price of a cake that feeds 30 and 32 cupcakes {which I had to pick up the day before the party because our bakery is closed on Sunday} if I decided to reschedule.

Blue Ombre Birthday Party Pool

Blue Ombre Birthday Party Boy Birthday

The sky was clear as can be for the ENTIRE party. Not a single drop of rain until 30 minutes after the party was over.

God answers prayers…even in the small things.

Blue Ombre Birthday Party for Boy

Side note on his birthday party wardrobe of choice…I gave up fighting that battle over 2 years ago. Yes, ma’am I did.

If he wants to stroll out of his room in a Spiderman shirt, white gym shorts and a size 4T Old Navy button up shirt that might not even fit his younger brother…so be it.

After all, it’s his birthday. Let him wear whatever makes him happy. Regardless if it makes his mommy want to chase him back to his room to put on something that, at the very least, matches.

Blue Ombre Birthday Party

Blue Ombre Birthday Party

Oh, and one last thing worth noting…

The day of the party…Parker told me this:

“My favorite color is red.”


Next year son, next year we will do red ombre. Grrrrr.

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  1. says

    Girlfriend! That party was fabulous!! I loved it!! I am so impressed that by the 10th boy party, you didn’t just throw a cake down and be done with it…you went all out! I absolutely loved it!

  2. says

    Bah ha ha it’s all so beautiful, of course he would love a different color instead! I did a pink party for my eldest daughter once and she told me her favorite color was blue after the fact. Now everything is openly blue. “Mom, I want the blue bowl!” “I want the blue cup!” “I want the blue dress!” “I want the blue doll!” Blueblueblueblueblue. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, she just gets so demanding about it and hates it when I give anything blue to the other girls!
    Karly´s last blog post ..Coffee Date + Five Things {#2}

  3. says

    I LOVE everything about this.Everything. I am only 3 years in but I am already so tired of character-theme parties. I am so doing this next year for my twins – picking a gender neutral color and rolling with it :)

  4. says


    I’ll admit that when I first saw your pictures I thought, “no way could I ever pull this off 5 times a year!” :-) I had fun reading your behind the scenes about everything and could totally relate. I love that you were able to take an easy idea and make it brilliant! And of course I was laughing at the end when Parker said that his favorite color was red…kids! 😉

    Sarah @ An Inviting Home´s last blog post ..Mr. Owl Saw It All

  5. Lisa McCraken says

    This was beautiful party! I hate to use the work beautiful for a boys bday, but beautiful :)
    I just placed an order with Banner Envy cuz your banner is awesome and I know my boy is going to love his. I do have one question tho…where did you get your poms? They look like tissue paper? Did you make them? Thanks!

  6. Rhea says

    Love the birthday decor. If you don’t mind me asking how much did the party cost with the decor and cake?

  7. says

    Love the blue!!! I have two girls so I do see a “pink” party in my future :-} This year I let my 6 year old chose whatever she wanted to wear as well- usually we do a special dress but I just ran out of time…but I was a smart mama and had all her favorite dresses washed and front and center in the closet so she picked a good one (whew!) LOVE the banner- bookmarked that site for the future! Great job!
    Erin´s last blog post ..friday five (#5)

  8. says

    LOL, that last part cracks me up- that is very typical of my kiddos as well. I had to chuckle. This year we skipped the 7 year old’s party and did a weekend trip instead. Somehow we convinced our kid, mom and dad need a vacation for his birthday. :)
    Mandy Hank´s last blog post ..A Mr. Clean Beware

  9. says

    Love it!! I had to read the red comment to Ben lol. So funny. That garland is so cute! I might do something similar for the girls! But pink of course will probably be requested 😉 see you soon!

  10. Kelly says

    Loved it! The pictures are great but it was better in person! Red ombré would have led to pink so maybe that should be a baby girls party. Thanks for the idea P! 😉

  11. says

    ooh so glad I came across your blog because the birthday parker looked amazing.. love all the awesome decorations. I am planning a bday for my son so these are some awesome ideas!

  12. says

    Love this! I actually love all of your cakes. I notice you never give credit to the “local bakery.” I am actually from that area and would love to know who this is? ; )
    Kristin´s last blog post ..5 Month Check

  13. Laci Murray says

    I absolutely laughed out loud reading the end of this post. The party was great, and the cake was awesome! Your child saying red was his favorite color and letting him dress himself was absolutely priceless! I commend you for letting him be himself. I need to do that more often with my own children, lol.

  14. Shelby says

    My almost three-year-old asked for a “blue” birthday party so I was very glad to find this post for inspiration! Lots of great ideas! Where did you get the great blue chevron table cloth?


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