Easter Egg Wreath


DIY Easter Egg Wreath Ideas


DIY Easter Egg Wreath Ideas Easy

As much as I would like to claim that I poured my blood, sweat, and tears in to making this gorgeous Easter Egg Wreath. I must confess.

I did not.

In fact, I bought it at Kroger.


DIY Easter Egg Wreath Ideas Easter Eggs

Yep, I did. I did that.

I bought an Easter wreath at Kroger.

Sue me.

DIY Easter Egg Wreath

Easter Egg Wreath Ideas

Easter Wreath

Can I just ask, who shops at Kroger for Easter decor?

Pretty much no-one. Except me.

Let me explain myself please, before y’all go laughing.

I was happily grocery shopping {sans munchkins} when I walked by the Easter candy aisle. I suddenly thought…“Pretty sure I need me some Reese’s easter eggs”…and so I hopped walked on down aisle 8 with plans of putting about 6 bags of chocolate eggs in my cart {I had to keep in mind I would be sharing those chocolate Easter eggs – explanation for the 6 bags – ahem}.

Please tell me I am not the only one to fall for the holiday candy ploy? Ok, phew.

Anyway, as I passed the Kit-Kat’s and was about to make my way to the giant yellow bag of Reese’s eggs…I came across this beauty…

DIY Easter Egg Wreath Ideas Project

Easter Wreath Ideas

…and I instantly thought…I THINK I COULD MAKE THAT!

Now, if you know me, then you know I exude this extreme confidence in wreath making.

Truth be told? I’ve never successfully made a wreath worthy of displaying. My last wreath making attempt cost me $80 and a whole bunch of unused Hobby Lobby supplies that now sit in my craft closet.

I disgress.

I noticed that they sold the boxes of eggs separately, which fed in to my idea of making this my next craft project. I even remembered that I had an extra spare wreath at home just waiting for me to hot glue eggs to it.

Then I noticed that each box of eggs {and the box only had 12 in it} cost $4.98. Which meant that if I was going to actually attempt to make this wreath myself I would need like a gazillion boxes of eggs.

A gazillion times $4.98 is not cheap. Just in case you can’t do math in your head.

The wreath itself only cost $15.

Ok, hold on a second while I go count how many eggs are on this wreath….


DIY Easter Egg Wreath Ideas Count the eggs

DIY Easter Egg Wreath Ideas and Bow


Yes, 52 eggs is what it would take for me to make this. That equals me buying 5 boxes of eggs {close enough to a gazillion} at $4.98 a piece.

So your telling me it would cost me $25 JUST for the eggs, not including the cost of the wreath? And my time? AND I can actually buy the whole thing ALREADY made for $15?

Am I missing something here?

DIY Easter Egg Wreath Idea

 Easy and Simple DIY Easter Egg Wreath Ideas

See that, my friends, is why I chose to do away with my extremely fabulous craft project idea…and instead…buy the dang thing already finished. Pretty smart in my opinion. Unless you just like to spend double the money and put in twice the work?

Then, as if that wasn’t a bright enough idea to impress y’all, I decided to have a photo shoot with my new wreath in our basement studio.

DIY Easter Egg Wreath Ideas Photo Shoot

Because everybody takes pictures of their wreath not on a door, right?

It’s clear, after this post, I need a life.

Now that you fabulous readers are wondering why I have rambled on so long about a dang Easter wreath I didn’t even make…let’s talk about my second Easter decor idea, shall we? 

Filling up a glass vase with eggs. Take that for easy.

DIY Easter Egg Wreath Ideas with Egg Centerpiece

Easter Egg Centerpiece

I’m truly thinking this idea is not unique at all, but it’s pretty darn cute and makes for a great Easter inspired center piece.

Easter Eggs

Centerpiece DIY Easter Egg IdeasEaster Eggs for Table

I know, I know. Y’all are thinking…”Man, she is such a good egg!”


DIY Easter Egg Ideas - Be the Good Egg

I couldn’t help myself with that one.

The conclusion of this Easter post?

1. I still suck at wreath making.

2. I pretty much out-smarted the people at Kroger.

3. I prefer simple and EASY decor projects.

4. I make bad jokes {a theme I’m seeing a lot around here}.

Come back tomorrow for the Dog Days of Winter “HOP TO IT” link party and link up your Easter projects {which hopefully are cooler than mine – ahem}.

Dog Days of Winter Hop To It Link Party

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  1. says

    LOL! I hear ya about sometimes it is just better to but something already made. It can be cheaper and the extra time can be spent on family or me time. 😉

    Love you photo shoot set up in the basement! Hmmm…maybe I should try that since the basement walls are padded in white. It is insulation, not a padded cell. lol

    The wreath and vase are lovely, btw. 😀
    Julie @ Being Home´s last blog post ..Tin Can Art Caddy

  2. says

    Omg!!! I super LOVE this post!! You are hilarious and brilliant! I’m with ya, sista…I did the same exact thing with my tote for BlissDom. I didn’t want to spend a lot on one so I figured I could buy a plain one and embellish it somehow. Yeah. Right.

    I had all the stuff in my hands and realized this “cost-saving” tote was gonna cost me twice as much as buying one and look half as good. Umm…nope. I put it all back and bought a very cute one at Ulta on super sale. Virtual high five for saving money by NOT making it ourselves! 😉 See ya soon! Yay!!!!
    Nancy´s last blog post ..Stop & Smell the Roses Vlog Time!

  3. Michele says

    Seriously I feel like a stalker because I truly feel like we’d be such good friends! You keep life real and are honest with the ups, downs and funny moments but also you can laugh at yourself and I LOVE that! You’re awesome-please don’t block me :). ~Michele

  4. says

    Darn it! I just bought eggs at the store yesterday to make a wreath! But I won’t be covering the whole wreath in eggs. They will just be in one part of it.

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