I Ran Out Of Wall Space Sooooo….



It’s not a secret that I have a slight obsession with gallery walls.

I dream of them in my sleep. #nolie

Gallery Wall TIps by House of Rose

It all began with my dining room gallery wall (updated since these pics) which quickly turned in to my entry way needing a gallery wall… and then the hallway and living room and office and basement… Oh and I have a few gallery walls that I haven’t even posted about yet.

I told you, I’m an extremist.

And I’ve ran into this giant problem called MY WALLS ARE FULL. Meaning my obsession must now be taken out on other people’s walls.

Which is why when one of my good friend’s, Brittnie, asked me if I could help her with her gallery wall?

Gallery Wall TIps by House of Rose - Hanging Pictures

I said yes.

Did I mention that a blank wall to me is like a man and his favorite sports team?

Come to me blank wall.

Gallery Wall TIps by House of Rose - Before and After Photo

After posting a sneak peak on Instagram and realizing that her gallery wall now takes the cake for most liked picture of mine of all time… I thought I would elaborate some more for you guys.

Gallery Wall TIps by House of Rose

For those of you out there who have blank walls and need to get your booty hanging stuff {picture me scolding you in my strictest mom voice}.

This post is for you.

All of the items in this collection were already purchased by Brit. Some of them she had on hand and some of them we found at Hobby Lobby. {See source list at bottom}

My best piece of advice on how to “know” what to buy for you wall is this….

Gallery Wall TIps by House of Rose

Start collecting things over a few month period. I have never once said “I’m going to do a gallery wall today” and went out and bought all the stuff. Never.

I always always always just pick up things here and there that I like and that I know may one day look good in my home. I encourage you to do the same. If you see something you like, grab it up. Then when you have a good amount of items you can tackle your gallery wall {I suggest 10-15 depending on the size of your gallery wall}.

Also, I like to mix it up with portraits, mirrors, inspiring quotes, frames with scrapbook paper and canvas prints. Eclectic is my style. 😉

I wish I could claim I had some special trick or technique for HOW to decide the layout. I do not.

But I can tell you this… Try LOTS of different layouts on the floor first. Take pictures with your phone of each one. Then scroll through the pics to see which ones can be eliminated and which ones look best. It works wonders.

We did a few different layouts for Brit’s wall…. more than the 3 shown here, but this will give you an idea of how easy it is to tell what looks good and what doesn’t when looking through the pictures.
Gallery Wall TIps by House of Rose

You have to look closely, but those all 3 are different layouts.

Taking the pictures also helps when you go to hang everything and you need to reference exactly how far you had frames from each other.

Gallery Wall TIps by House of Rose

I think I may have impressed Brittnie with my power tool skills. Just call me handy-mandy.


Gallery Wall TIps by House of Rose

If you are curious whether I used anchors in the wall. I did not. My dad would be un-proud.

But most everything we hung was pretty light {minus that giant W}.

I typically like to use monkey hooks or command strips… but we didn’t have any on hand so hammer and nails it was. Work with what you got, right?

Another good tip is don’t be afraid to use items you have laying around your house. All of the frames you see pictured above that don’t have anything in them yet… are frames we stole from either a shelf or spare bedroom in her home.

Gallery Wall TIps by House of Rose

I will take more pictures once the frames are full and it’s completely finished, but I’m loving how it turned out so far. And I’m kinda wishing this was my wall. #dangit

Check out more of my decor projects HERE or tour my home…


Source Info:

The GIANT White W – Hobby Lobby (over 2 years ago)

W Picture frame – Frame/Burks – W/Michaels (painted)

Love You More – Kirklands

Gold Frame – Kirlands

Everything Else – Hobby Lobby


  1. says

    I cannot get enough of you Mandy! I wish you lived in Pittsburgh so you could show my house some love! I am smitten by this specific wall and all of your decorating skills (especially what I’ve seen of your house on your posts.)

  2. Sarah says

    You MUST find 3m photo mounting strips!! MUST! They are Velcro strips that stick on to your pictures for easy easy hanging! Grab those and a level and your gallery walls will be even easier to do!! They make them for different weights too! Everything in my house is hanging with them!

    • says

      I do use those sometimes!! For some reason they don’t always hold for me?? I’ve had a few picture frames fall which makes me nervous with the kids. Haha! But yes, so much easier than a hammer and nails. My favorite is monkey hooks!

  3. Tina says

    Please come to Kansas City and help me!! My husband and I have a massive wall in the kitchen that we could do this to. I love your blog by the way, you are your family seem too sweet :)

  4. Laura says

    HI Mandy–Love your gallery walls, and your inspiration! I have a quick question – if you have a hallway from the entryway of your home leading into your kitchen (in other words, 2 walls on either side), is it ok to have gallery walls on BOTH walls? Right now, I have one on one side, and 3-like pics on the other wall. Thanks!

  5. says

    This of course turned out amazingly. You are the queen of decorating walls girl. Thanks for your tip. I want to do one but need a little help. Totally going to pull up this post when I decide to tackle ours.

  6. Austin C says

    Thanks to all of our in common facebook friends and their shared posts I have become a huge fan of your blog. As a very uncreative, and uninspired decorator I love to look at all of your projects. Especially the wall galleries you have posted! It actually got me to thinking hmm I should clean through our storage “junk” room and see what I can come up with. My poor husband wasnt as enthused as I was. However when cleaning out everything I found that I have collected a lot. I had over 30 picture frames all different sizes and styles. So hopefully I can channel some sort of decorating spirit in me to cover my blank walls. All of them are blank, you would be in heaven. I really enjoy your ideas and craftyness that you share here with us. Thank you!

  7. Rids says

    I love how you decorate, we have few walls empty in our house which we got 2 years ago..I can see myself putting different frames however..I also made a wall of frames for my husbands study room and i love it..However i have a quick question..Is it suggested to use the same colors in the for the frame as different asscents are in the room..or use max of 5 colors in the room to decorate (inclusive if all accessories,cushions,chairs,painting etc) does that mkes it look more cohesive?? Will really appreciate your response..Will send you the pic of my study rooms wall.

    YOu are such an inspiration! TY.

  8. Shelly says

    I know this is an old post but hoping maybe you’ll see it and weigh in. Do you think with gallery walls you need something to anchor the space (ie. a couch, counsel table or something else below it?). I have a large wall I’m hoping to have a gallery wall on but don’t know if it needs something to anchor the space below it. I have small kids and would rather not have a counsel table I know will get in the way. Let me know your thoughts.

    • says

      I use anchors on things that are heavy and are not in a stud. You can also use a monkey hook if you are hanging something with a wire back.

      • Shelly says

        Thanks! I guess my question was more tied to whether a gallery wall can still look ok without something under it (a couch, table etc) to “anchor” the look. I’ve been having trouble with this concept in a large living room space.

  9. says

    I love your gallery wall! I’m going to hop over to the others to check them out. I, too, have become a bit obsessed with gallery walls. I completed one in our library that I love, so I’m now inspired to do other rooms. Then on to my Mom’s house to do a gallery wall of all her travels! It really gets into your bloodstream and just kind of stays there!!!


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