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 I’m kicking off 2013 with some major organization projects! You would think I’m nesting or something. Ahem.

I guess I technically am since our new child will arrive IN 2013 {we pray}.

Work From Home Office Space

This is also week ONE of the “Dog Days (of Winter) Are Over” link party…and it’s all about “organization”.

As y’all know, I work from home. I consider this space MY home office, although I will admit I have to share it with the hubs occasionally. He’s a hot mess when it comes to organization so I try to keep him out of here as much as possible.

I tell him that his office is the couch! He has a laptop. Who wouldn’t want a couch office? Duh!

This seat right here is where you will find me on most days. Blogging away. 

Work From Home Office Space ChairWork From Home Office Space Organization

We do a lot of brainstorming in this space. One of my favorite organizing tools that we added to this space has been the giant white board.

I wanted a creative yet attractive way to incorporate a GIANT white board in our office. This particular one was a self-adhesive white board that we stuck to the wall and then trimmed out to match the desk.

Work From Home Office Space White Board

Blog ideas, post schedules, mind maps, video line ups….all go up on the big IDEA board.

Work From Home Office Space Idea BoardWork From Home Office Space Ideas
I have tons of storage bins that I use for things like envelopes, checks, markers, receipts, kids activity books, etc.

Get Organized Work From Home Office Space

Work From Home Office Space File StorageWork From Home Office Space Design

My dad custom built the desk and bookshelves. Amaze-balls, right? I gave him my vision and he made it come to life. He actually created something that was BETTER than my vision. He’s good at the wow-factor.

Modern Work From Home Office Space

I love all of the custom drawers and cubbies. It gives me lots of room to store my files, pictures, printer paper, card stock, office supplies, etc.

I wanted something durable for the counter-top so we chose butcher block. It’s something you normally see in a kitchen, but I love the use of it in a home office space.

Work From Home Office Space Desktop

Not to mention that it’s nice and smooth for when I need to be writing.

Work From Home Office

I can finally say that I love working from home now that I have a space that is ORGANIZED and decorated!

Work From Home Office Ideas

The boys love to come sit with me while I am working so the extra chair….is vital. Otherwise they are trying to sit on my lap. This was the chair I took from my grandmother’s house after she passed.

Work From Home Office Space Seating

My uncles were making fun of me since it looks like it came straight from the 70’s. But for me? It was the inspiration behind making the accent color in this room rust orange.

Work From Home Office Space EntrywayWork From Home Office Organization

My 2013 goals are to keep this baby organized! As long as the hubby sticks to his couch office I should be golden. Ahem.

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Paint Color – Valspar Signature Creme Brulee CI 77 




  1. Krista Rasco says

    I own that same exact chair! It was my great grandmothers. Only the back is all torn out (b/c of the cats) and there is a different cloth upholstery on the cushion.

  2. Jerry says

    Your office space looks great!

    Compared to the office I have to go every day, what you have managed to put together seems almost surreal!


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