Deep Wavy Curls {Hair Tutorial}


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How to Get Deep Wavy Curls - VIDEO TUTORIAL

It’s been YEARS since my hair has been long enough to do fun stuff to it. I mean YEEEEEEARS.

I remember at my wedding ceremony when my hair was halfway down my back {over 9 years ago}…but shortly there after I chopped it all off and it’s been SLOWLY growing ever since.

I almost feel like a 14 year old girl when it comes to styling my hair any other way besides down and straight. You might remember over the summer when I discovered the sock bun for the first time.

That only took me 32 years.


It’s been a fun discovery process of finding new ways to wear my hair!

How to Get Deep Wavy Curls

Side braid, beachy curls, half back, sock bun….these are all so new to me.

When my friend Katie had her hair “crimped” {as I like to call it} I loved it! Like super loved it.

How to Get Deep Wavy Curls

Technically it’s not called crimped. Although that truly was a “thing” back in the 90’s. A pretty cool thing actually.

This look that I’m referring to is actually more of a deep wavy look. Better than curls.

How to Get Deep Wavy Curls

Before I bought my own Deep Waver I begged Katie to try it out on my hair first to make sure I looked as cool as her.

I always have a complex that things might not look as good on me as they do on someone else.

How to Get Deep Wavy Curls

It was a fun pampering session…

And when we posted our pics on social media we got a lot of questions about the Deep Waver Tool. So we thought it would be fun to shoot a tutorial video on how to successfully get the deep wavy look.

How to Get Deep Wavy Curls

Of course, it was also another excuse to have Katie fix my hair while we had some fun girl time.

If you’ve ever thought about buying one of these…I am here to convince you that YOU MUST. Then watch our tutorial on how easy it is to use!

This is the DEEP WAVER TOOL that I own!

Good luck!

How to Get Deep Wavy Curls


  1. marianne says

    hey Mandy<
    I'm in the process of letting my hair grow. Right now its just above my collar bone. Do you think thats long enough to get the full effect of the new wave tool you got. Im struggling with such straight thin hair while letting it grow. thanks;)

  2. Jamie says

    You look great! I feel ya on the whole just being able to play around with your hair. Mines just long enough also. Last year I had a super short in the back reverse bob…. its now a little past my collar bone, took FOR-EV-ER to grow! Love the deep wave look :)

  3. says

    I saw you IG post yesterday and finally had time to watch the video! Your hair looks amazing and I think it may be simple enough for me to try! I will be buying one to share with my daughter! She will love it!! Thanks! Susan


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