{HUSBAND VLOG} Being Married To A Blogger: MEN TELL ALL


20130729-IMG_4088 5

Oh, prepare yourselves.

The men have spoken. Bahaha!



When Natalie, The Busy Budgeting Mama, was in town a few weeks ago we thought it would be fun to turn the spotlight on to the men. Because who doesn’t like to listen to husbands make fun of their wives, right?


The question we wanted them to answer on camera…

What’s it like to be married to a blogger?

We wanted truth. Even if it meant we were gonna have to bite our tongue. And trust me, I had to put my hand over my mouth on NUMEROUS occasions during their little five minute blogger husband rant.

20130729-IMG_4088 1

husbands 1

My hubs “throwing dueces” pic was a little blurry because he may or may not have been doing a little dance during his picture. If only I had the camera on video instead of portrait.

So, who’s ready to hear what it’s like to be married to a blogger?

I can not confirm nor deny if these two men were summoned to the couch for a week after this. I’ll let you guess.

On Monday we will be sharing our favorite beauty products! Don’t miss it!

*Check out Natalie’s “MEN TELL ALL” recap HERE.


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  1. says

    Omg!!! I laughed so hard at that!!! My husband totally related! Haha! Boo. But seriously…I LOVED this!!! And I vote for the lap vlog! I dare them!! Love you and Natalie both and your hubbies are pretty cool too. xoxo – Nancy
    Nancy´s last blog post ..July Photo-A-Day Challenge!

  2. says

    HaHa…thanks for the laughs right before bed. This is a great, but truthful video! Props to our husband’s who love and support us…oh and also make fun!


  3. says

    oh too funny!! I have to tell you, most of my husbands family and my girls friends call me TidyMom, not Cheryl lol I love that your husbands get along so well too!! This was great!! thanks for the chuckle this morning!

  4. says

    Omg that was so funny, I am sure they had fun trying to keep straight faces! Look out ladies the men just might try to take over the Vlog!

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