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I Give You…Jazz Hands


Do you ever have that itch to brighten things up a bit? Whether it be your outfits, recipes or your home decor…I am constantly wanting to add “PIZAZZ” to my life.

Picture me giving you my jazz hands RIGHT NOW. Wooooo pizazzzzz!

As you know I work from home and I shared my work-from-home office space with you earlier this year. One of the best parts of working from home {besides the yoga pant work attire} is being able to decorate my work space EXACTLY how I want it.

I spent 5 years in a corporate office setting with drab white walls. Disgusting carpet. And maintenance men who gave me the side eye every time they noticed a new picture hung on the wall.

*Cue* angels singing when I began my home office makeover.

home office 1

Holy cow, someone wasn’t going to write me up for personalizing my space?! Or for asking to rearrange my office furniture?!

It was heavenly.

When we first moved in to our home over 3 years ago, the office space was less than inspiring.


It was a lot like my corporate office job. Drab and boring.

With the help of my dad and his handy man skills our office transformation has turned out to be a place where I am surrounded by things that mean something to me.

Wall art that inspires. Color that feeds energy. And organization that makes my heart skip a beat.



To say that I am inspired when I work in this office would be pretty darn accurate.

It wasn’t always this vibrant though. Just in the last few weeks I decided that the “pop” of orange needed to be more prominent.

If you have ever used orange as your accent color than you know that it can be hard to work with. But if you do it right, I think it truly can add so much brightness to a space.

I am sure you are not shocked that I have another gallery wall. Ahem.


office update20121031-IMG_3643_590


A few things that I added to give this space some vibrancy:

  • The OFFICE wall art sign {handmade}
  • Orange zebra print lamp
  • Orange and yellow striped flower vase
  • Orange hanging file basket
  • Painted orange mat for wall frame
  • My grandma’s 1970’s chair & Pier 1 throw pillows

Doesn’t it seem so much more inviting? I am in love with the new pizazz it has.

And yes, if you come over and visit, I’ll give you my jazz hands in person. Mark my words.


What inspired me to take my orange accents to the next level?

Crystal Light and their “Explore the New Flavors” campaign had me excited about adding some vibrancy to my office space. Or pizazz as I like to call it.

office mango passionfruit

Mango Passionfruit is my new favorite flavor! How appropriate that it’s also orange.

So, I’m curious, what inspires you to pizazz things up around your home? Do you get the itch as often as me?



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