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Modern Fireplace Makeover

Fireplace Turned Fancy - Updating the Fireplace from Houseofroseblog.com

When we built our house 2.5 years ago I didn’t have a vision for the fireplace area. There was only one thing I knew…and that was that I absolutely HAD to have THIS TILE…

fireplace tile

…for the fireplace (I had been eyeing it for awhile).

It was one of the “upgrades” that caused us to exceed our flooring/tile budget.


The tile guy told me it was the “BMW” of tile. As in…it didn’t come cheap.

But I didn’t care. It had to be mine.

{You’ve been there before right? Where you absolutely were not leaving without what you wanted regardless of the outrageous price tag.}

We’ve all made dumb choices, right?!?!

Once it was put up around the fireplace…it didn’t do much for me.

Blah Blah Blah…


I know, right?

Here I went all convincing my husband that I MUST have this overpriced tile….and then I didn’t even LOVE it?

What the what?!?!

So recently my dad (whom I’m guessing didn’t want to marry the tile either) had a grand idea to give the fireplace a little fancy makeover.

If that dad of mine comes up with one more good idea I just may have to put him on the payroll. 

Here’s a quick before and after comparison…

Fireplace Turned Fancy - Updating the Fireplace from Houseofroseblog.com

What a difference a little trim and some new paint makes, hey?!?!

It makes that overpriced tile seem almost worth it.

Fireplace Turned Fancy - Updating the Fireplace from Houseofroseblog.com

We pieced all the white trim together from Lowe’s. It was our own little creation…one that took us far too long to decide on. :)

After laying out nearly a jillion pieces of trim in the back of the Lowe’s store we finally decided on this combo.

fireplace trim

My dad did an amazing job on this project!

Fireplace Turned Fancy - Updating the Fireplace from Houseofroseblog.com

I painted the wall behind the tv a dark charcoal gray color {Valspar Mark Twain Gray Brick 4005-2C} to match our dining room…and I love the white/dark contrast.

You can see the wall on the left that has the same dark gray color as behind the tv….

fancy fireplace living room

“Love Will Save The Day”

fancy fireplace shelf

Ain’t that the truth

Or maybe it should say “Dads Will Save The Day” because, let’s be honest, my dad sure knows how to turn any “blah” room in to something fancy with his handyman skills.

That cute little sign came from Wal-mart…for $3! Yes, cheaper than I can buy a latte!

My dad also made these built in corner shelves for us.

corner shelf

The “Do What You (heart)” sign came from Target – $14.99.

corner shelves

I love this picture that captured Klay Klay just chilling. Ha!

modern fancy fireplace

I had this vase, but the purple had no place in my living room. It was the ONLY pop of purple and it just didn’t go.

fireplace vase

I ended up spray painting the floral pieces white {see top shelf on right} and it turned out great (and matches way better)!

fireplace turned fancy modern

The vases that I put on the top shelf came from my grandma B’s house after she passed away. They are probably my favorite piece because they have so much meaning behind them!

Fireplace Turned Fancy - Updating the Fireplace from Houseofroseblog.com

I never realized how unfinished the fireplace looked until now. Wowsers. It looks 800 times better!

Fireplace Turned Fancy - Updating the Fireplace from Houseofroseblog.com

Thanks to my dad {again} for helping make my fireplace fancy!

Source List:

Paint color on fireplace wall – Valspar Hot Stone {Lowes}

Paint color behind the tv – Valspar Mark Twain Gray Brick 4005-2C {Lowes}




  1. says

    Looks fabulous! I am loving the corner shelves. I have a perfect spot for some of those. Do you have a detailed post on them? Otherwise I’ll guess and have my husband help me create something similar. Thanks!

  2. Ashley says

    I am loving your couch, I have been searching for a big comfy sectional! Where did you get it and do you happen to remember the name of it? Thanks so much :)

  3. Brandy Becker says

    Hi Mandy~ I love what you have done with your home! The fireplace definitely caught my eye as well as my husbands. Can you tell me a little about the fireplace…gas/electric, wall mounted or insert, and dimensions if possible. We plan to do electric as more of a decorative touch. If this information was previously posted I apologize, I tried to look through all posts to see if this info. was posted. Thanks again!!

    • says

      Hi Brandy! It’s actually a gas fireplace and I think we have only turned it on twice in 3 yrs. Haha! We just love the way it looks…but maybe one day when our kids are old enough to understand “too hot” we will use it. :)

  4. Lori says

    I know your dad makes your corner shelves but where ever did you get the two shelves on the right side of the fire place? I luv,luv.luv them.

  5. Liz says

    I think it’s cool but I would remove knick
    Knacks from the top. It’s just not a mantle.
    And shouldn’t suffer from an identity crisis:)
    It’s more of a unique architectural structure.

  6. Amy says

    Where did you find that awesome rug?? Your blog totally charges and inspires me! Thanks!!!! (From another mommy of three, under 5, who are generally naked too. Your pic in front of your house is all too familiar) :))

  7. Suzzi says

    I have a question on the fire place (LOVE IT btw! Great job dad!)

    What type of fireplace is it (electric, gas?) and is there any concern of over heating the television, etc over it?

    Thanks for the time.

    • says

      It’s electric and so far, we have had no problems with the heat. We don’t use if for long periods of times though. But when they installed it they said it shouldn’t effect the tv.

  8. Jessica says

    Hey I was wondering how long ago was it that you got the sign Do what you (heart) sign from Target, I went on there and couldn’t find it Idk if I was typing in right key words. Could you send me a link to it if you can remember and also wheree did you get that sidetable beside couch? Does it have a particular name?

  9. Jana says

    I know that this post is old but I have a question about your fireplace makeover. I am attempting to something similar and am wondering how you finished the top trim pieces. I hope this makes sense! I see that you selected four different trim pieces for the top. Did you simply nail those pieces on the wall? I can’t quite tell from the picture but it looks like there may be some finishing pieces on the ends? I hope you can understand what I am talking about because I am starting to confuse myself! Thanks in advance for any help you have!!!!

  10. Jana says

    What an awesome makeover! I would love some more details on how you did the top part. I don’t understand how you got it to look like that using the trim pieces that you show! Thanks so much!

  11. Julie says

    Hi! I LOVE your fireplace idea!! We are looking to update our fireplace and I am having a hard time finding a similar type of tile. Do you happen to know where you got your tile and/or the brand/name of it?? Thanks in advance! :)

  12. Valerie says

    This looks great. What a change. I’m curious about the fireplace. In one reply you said gas & another you said electric. I’m shopping for one;) thanks

  13. Christina Shaffer says

    Hey! Absolutely love your blog! I just moved into our first home (in Feb) and have found your blog very inspirational. Do you happen to remember where you purchased the shelves on the wall? Were they built by your dad? Or were they bought somewhere? Thank you in advance!


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