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Sloane’s Nursery Reveal

I am super excited about how little Mr. Sloane’s room is turning out. Although it is not 100% finished (and may never be), it is pretty darn close so I thought I would share some pictures!

This is the view from when you walk in to the room.


I had bought a dresser off Craigslist for Bents room (because we moved his dresser/changing table to the nursery) and the dresser had this mirror attached to it. I had been looking for the perfect mirror to put his monogram decal on…and it just so worked out that the mirror detached from the dresser and I used it for the decal project! Double win!

It’s not very often things work out that perfectly. Especially with Craigslist items. :)

I decided to go with a gray and white theme. I realized I was kinda out of choices. P’s room is green. Bents is done in blues. So Sloane…well….there weren’t a ton of choices left for the colors of his room if I wanted it to be different than the other two.

At first, I thought gray and white might be too drab for me…but his room has now officially become my favorite of the three! Especially with the hint of teal!

“Circa”, our giant elephant that P got from Aunnie, became my inspiration for the nursery!


We hired a painter to paint our wall stripes. He did amazing! Seriously, some of the straightest lines I have ever seen!

Another thing that I love about the nursery is that every piece of furniture is something we already had. This dresser use to be mine in college. My dad painted it a light gray and it turned out great!


The white bookshelf, to the left, use to be in our old office (before we re-did it). My dad also painted it white for us! 

And, of course, the glider was also in Bents room! Oh how I love that glider!

The changing table, to the right, came from Bents room as well.

I got this cute little elephant wall piece at hobby lobby on clearance! Score!

I had a friend of ours mom make all of the bedding for me! She had never done a crib set before, but she did AWESOME! It is exactly what I wanted and looks perfect in the room! She also made the curtains for me too!

I could not have been happier with how it turned out!


We ended up getting Bents a new crib and letting Sloane use the old crib. I had debated whether I would get Bents a big boy bed or another crib, but that child is such a fabulous sleeper that I am not about to mess it up. So, a new crib it was. We shall see how much longer before he’s crawling out.

The only thing I don’t have done….the wall above the crib. Right now it is blank. My original vision was to do the mirror with the monogram decal above the crib, but it looks so much better as the entrance piece to the room. So, now I am on a hunt for something for over the crib. Any ideas?


You may think this lamp is nothing great, but this lamp came from B’s basement. Another little something that I wanted to take to remember her by! I will have to dig up the “before” picture, but I spray painted it silver and bought the lamp shade at Big Lots (by the way, I hadn’t been to Big Lots in ages until last week….not as terrible as I imagined). It fits the room perfectly, not to mention, it makes me think of her everytime I look at it!

There you have it, Sloane’s nursery project is almost complete! 

What do you think?

I happen to ADORE it!

My husband says he feels like he may puke when he sits in there because of all the funky patterns going on! Ha! He says the walls “hypnotize” him. My thoughts: Great! Maybe they will hypnotize you in to changing all the poopy diapers. Exactly what I was going for!

UPDATE: I had my 37 week doctor appointment today and I am dilated 3 cm’s and 70 % effaced! I am hoping that means baby SJ is on his way soon! Once I was dilated to a 3 with Bents, it wasn’t long before he came. Maybe just a couple days.



  1. Erica says:

    I love it! All the colors and everything looks great together. Nice work:)
    Erica´s last blog post ..Weeeee!

  2. Kandi says:

    SOOOO cute!! Sloane will feel super cozy!

  3. Shannon says:

    holy guacamole, this is way too cute for words! i can’t get over it! and this is unfinished!? girl it looks awesome!

  4. James says:

    Not joking, this is my favorite nursery I’ve ever seen…like ever. This is SO creative and so chic. I love the elephants everywhere!!! Well done, round of snaps!

  5. Jessica says:

    this room is precious! On the crib wall what about 3 frames with white mattes and teal edges with black and white pictures? Im sure whatever you decide will be fabulous….best wishes for an uncomplicated delivery and healthy baby and mama!!

  6. lindsey says:

    i’m pretty sure that i could live in sloane’s room – you did an AMAZING job mandy!!!
    lindsey´s last blog post ..Defeated by my IT band

  7. amy says:

    LOVE IT! Can’t wait to meet him!

  8. Kortnie says:

    Wow…I love it!!! It looks like it came from a magazine!!:)

  9. Lea says:

    I love love love Sloane’s Nursery!!!! I lvoe the stripes, and the color scheme!!!!!!!! Adorable!!

  10. darci says:

    OKAY, I’M IN LOVE…………….it looks *******awesome********!!! Sloane is one lucky little guy and he doesn’t even know it yet!! The stripes are perfect and the accents just seal the deal!! ?

    Question for you: please, please do tell where that elephant is from?! Baby Jackson NEEDS it!

  11. Wendy says:

    I think it is fabulous! I love the original color choice and the stripes are the perfect shade of grey! Have you thought about getting Kim from Tiny Prints to do a painting for over the bed? I think she was opening up her wait list again. I bet she could do something fun to match the room!
    Wendy´s last blog post ..New Rules

  12. Wendy says:

    And I meant to say Kim from Small Words! Tiny Prints, Small Words…you know what I mean! 😉
    Wendy´s last blog post ..New Rules

  13. Jessica says:

    Love it! You did a great job. The mirror looks great too!
    Jessica´s last blog post ..My Sweet Boy

  14. Jill says:

    Looks fabulous and ready for a little baby! Well done! Love it!
    Jill´s last blog post ..Sprout Week 34- 35 &amp 36

  15. I love the nursery!!! Awesome colors.
    Our Happy Married Life´s last blog post ..Mothers Day

  16. Preppy 101 says:

    Love it. My favorite thing may be the mirror/monogram combo. That is so precious and creative! Darling room!! xoxo
    Preppy 101´s last blog post ..Smathers &amp Branson Get the Needlepoint We Need a Giveaway!

  17. I could not love this more! It looks fabulous Mandy!!! You did an amazing job!!

  18. CAwife says:

    Sloane is one lucky little guy, his nursery is amazing! I’m a huge fan of grey and stripes, so it’s absolute perfection in my book.
    CAwife´s last blog post ..Bathing Suit Cover-Ups

  19. I LOVE the nursery! The stripes are amazing and the bedding is so adorable. I have always wanted to do a gray nursery (one day down the road). Love how everything turned out.

  20. Lori says:

    Loving the stripes and monogramed decal! I love nurseries that aren’t baby-ish. It’s a perfect room for Sloane to grow in to. Awesome job!
    Lori´s last blog post ..Hot and Bothered

  21. Beth says:

    Can I hire you to come and decorate my house? It looks so relaxing!
    Beth´s last blog post ..Bubbles make kids happy!

  22. Jess says:

    WoW! Amazing! I love it! Your color theme is one of my favorites! Maybe add something in the bright teal color over the bed… but I think it looks fabulous! Great Job!
    Jess´s last blog post ..cinco de mayo

  23. Tonya Diehl says:

    You know I {LOVE} this!!! So cute!!! Can’t wait to feature it on my blog!! I think my readers are going to love it too!! You did a great job girl!! Perfection!!
    Tonya Diehl´s last blog post ..Just Some Fun Pics

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  25. Diane Zueck says:

    Mandy, you were great to work with and your vision became a beautiful reality. What baby wouldn’t be happy in this room. Loved the fabrics you chose and that you gave me some liberties. Thanks for thinking of me to help put baby Sloane’s room together.

  26. Rhonda says:

    Visiting from Tonya’s blog to tell you how incredible this nursery is! I love everything – the stripes, the elephants, the blues. Gorgeous job. Congrats on your new little man!
    Rhonda´s last blog post ..Rain- Rain Dont Go Away!

  27. Nicole says:

    Gorgeous nursery!! I was wondering where you got your glider? Also, what is the color grey used for the stripe?

  28. Lauren says:

    Hey Mandy, How are you? Where did you get the monogram decal? What font is that? Thanks!

  29. Lauren says:

    Or did you order it like that???

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  31. Kasha says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your nursery! I blogged about because I thought your approach was so different. The layering of color and pattern is beautiful! By any chance, do you remember where you purchased your glider? I love the fleur de lis all over it.

  32. Katherine says:

    I think your nursery is AMAZING!!!!! You’ve done a wonderful job and created wonderful inspiration in my head. Thank you so much.

  33. Lauren says:

    What color gray did you use for the wall color? Also it looks as if you painted the ceiling gray too. Is this correct? Also what white paint did you use? I am horrible at decorating so trying to copy ur look. Thanks!

  34. Audrey Larter says:

    Love your nursery! Do you know the shade of white and gray for the stripes? Also, where did you get the glider and the monogram decal from?

    Thanks for your help

  35. veronica says:

    love the glider! where is it from?

  36. W says:

    Hi there… was wondering what colors you used for the stripes on the wall?
    I love the gray and white stripes! looks great.. have a little boy in coming in 8 weeks and need to get motivated

  37. Maria says:

    I love the curtains! Could you please tell me the name/source of the fabric? Thanks!

  38. Meg says:

    Where is the fabric from? LOVE IT

  39. Sara says:

    Where one earth did you find that glider and foot rest? I am SO in love!!!

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