Strawberry Heart Skewers



Strawberry Heart Skewers

I am constantly looking for unique and fun ideas to get my kids to eat fruit and vegetables. Constantly. 

It’s a battle that I, on a typical day, tend to lose. Badly. 

Strawberry Heart Skewers Fun and Easy

I think I just cracked the code though. I saw these amazingly adorable strawberries shaped like hearts on a stick on Pinterest last week and thought to myself, “Hmmm, wonder if the boys would eat them if they looked like fancy hearts.” 

I mean, seems like a silly concept right? They don’t normally eat strawberries in regular form so why on earth would they eat them in heart form.

Strawberry Heart Skewers - Strawberries Made to Look Like Hearts

But, because I thought this would be a good “LOVE IT” project to try for our Dog Days of Winter link party starting tomorrow, I decided to give it a whirl.

I hardly did anything different when cutting my strawberries except I cut a little ‘v’ at the top and slipped them on a skewer.

Strawberry Heart Skewers - Slice Strawberries to Look Like Hearts

Strawberry Heart Skewers Yummy!

And by golly, I got these puppies out and the boys DEVOURED them. Literally, I got none. Zero. They were gone. 

We all know it’s not strawberry season so it had nothing to do with them being “extra” yummy.

Strawberry Heart Skewers Easy

Strawberry Heart Skewers Made Easy

This just goes to show that presentation is everything.

Dang you expensive restaurants. I never knew that’s how you got my hard earned cash.

But what a cute idea for Valentine’s Day, huh?!

Strawberry Heart Skewers Valentine's Day

And now I may or may not be trying to think of how I can get creative with other fruit and vegetables. Clearly it works.

Have you tried to make fun silly shapes with your fruit and vegetables in hopes that it would make your kids eat them? If so, please share! I need more ideas!

Come back tomorrow for the Dog Days of Winter “Love It” Link Party to link up your Valentine’s Day projects!

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  1. Angie says

    This is so cute! Another cute thing to try that is sorta healthy haha but take a strawberry a slice of banana and chunk of pineapple put on a short stick and dip half of if into melted chocolate and it is sorta like a banana split thingy.. haha my kids love them!

  2. Meghan says

    I made these as part of dinner for my 2 year old last night. He LOVED them. I also added heart shaped strawberries our salads. It really made dinner seem special with little to no extra effort. Thanks for the idea!

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