Come in to my bedroom.


{Update: Click HERE for updated pictures of the master bedroom.}

{Update 2: Master Bedroom Transformation #2…pictures HERE.}

Master Bedroom Makeover Before and After

 And don’t go thinking I’m getting kinky on ya. I don’t want you in my bedroom for THAT reason.

I have been contemplating what to hang above our bed…for nearly the ENTIRE time we have lived in our new house. To say that I have been neglecting the master bedroom is a HUGE understatement. But, let’s be honest…the rest of the house has been more important.

However, there is only a certain amount of time you can walk in to your “BLAH” bedroom and feel all cozy and warm. That time had expired for me. I was so over hating our bedroom. And after being on Pinterest (bedroom design heaven), I REALLY started hating our space.

So finally, I decided to do something about it. come in to my bedroom duvet cover

What do you think?come in to my bedroom wall art

Not the greatest pics because they were taken with my phone, but I think I am pretty darn happy with how it turned out!

One thing that Pinterest has taught me: You can throw just about anything thing on a wall and make it look good. These days things don’t have to be symmetrical. They don’t have to be the same color. And they most certainly do not have to be the same print.

One of the best parts about our new wall art, it was not expensive. Can I get a HOLLA?

Source List:

Paint colors: Glidden Bittersweet Chocolate {Home Depot}, Valspar Lambs Ear {Lowes}

Canvas of tree/bird – Hobby Lobby for half off: price = $25

Open frame {no glass} Hobby Lobby for half off: price = $11

“love” mirror wall art – Hobby Lobby: price = $6

Black mirror {in center} – Target (clearance): price = $20

Comforter – Ikea: price = $50

Throw pillows – Home Goods

Bedframe – Ashley Furniture

Custom Corner Shelves – How To Build A Corner Shelf In 7 Minutes video tutorial

I already had the frame & the mat on the right. The mat was silver which didn’t match at all so guess what? I flipped it over and the back is white. No need for a new mat! I would also encourage you to try painting your mats if you want to change the color. I did that to a couple of ours (with wall paint) and it’s WAY cheaper than buying new ones.

I filled the frame with scrapbook paper that I had laying around the house. Orignally bought at Hobby Lobby for 59 cents a sheet!master bedroom wall art

That folks, brings this project to a whopping $64! master bedroom duvet cover

I think I may love our bedroom now. I know what hubby’s hoping that means. Ahem. :)

To see more of our home…

home tour house of rose


  1. Amanda says

    WOW!! I already have my shopping list set!!!!!! Please let me know the name and brand of the paint your painted the room!

  2. Amy says

    I love your master bedroom! How long ago did you get your comforter from IKEA? I want the exact same one, but they don’t have it on their website. I’m assuming they might still have it in stores?

  3. Amy says

    Can you tell me the paint color of your wall? I absolutely love it! Your room has the same colors as mine and I haven’t found a wall color yet. Thanks!


  4. Tauni says

    I love this room! I am planning on doing our master like yours! I was hoping you could tell me the name of the bedframe. I know you got it at Ashley furniture but I can’t seem to find it!

    • says

      It’s been over 8 years so I have no idea, but other people mentioned that they found something similar at Pilgrim Furniture??

  5. shelagh says

    Hi Mandy,
    I love your house and the way you have decorated it! Could you please tell me what the size of the frame you used on your bedroom wall on the right side. The one with the scrapbook paper in it. Thank you Shelagh

  6. Heather says

    I know you said the mirror was on clearance at Target, so I’m not really holding my breath! Was it any time recent? I absolutely love it and have been looking for one!
    Thanks, Heather

  7. Cat says

    Where did you get the vase and flowers on your corner shelf, I love them! You have such a great eye for decorating!

  8. Kelly says

    Morning! Absolutely love your master bedroom. Looking to do something similar but was wondering what color your bedroom furniture is? It is kind of hard to tell in the picture but we have black furniture and I am so scared that the chocolate color won’t match. Any suggestions?

  9. Maurina says

    I love your home, your sense if style is amazing. It’s exactly what I want and do t know how to put together myself. Thanks for the inspiration! Do you think your bedroom collage would be a good fit for a living room wall? I’d love to hear what you think!

  10. Lynda says

    Can’t thank you enough :) I have been contemplating for 6 years on a new bedroom color and you have just completed the thought process. Absolutely love the color combo!!!!

  11. Shelly says

    Is your bed black? It looks black in the pictures but when I look at your before pictures, it seems dark brown…

  12. Angela says

    I would love to know how to do the shelves! I see in other comments you said your father was making/creating a tutorial, has he gotten around to that yet? If not can you please keep me posted?! I have been looking for something similar for my daughters room & our master. Thanks for the wonderful posts & pictures :)

  13. says

    We have lived in our new house since December and your blog has ‘spoken’ to me. LOVE IT! Sitting on my deck, drinking coffee and pinteresting my blank walls and blah rooms. My husband is freakng out what this is going to cost him in time and checkbook! Ha!! Thank you!!!

  14. Marci says

    Your bedroom is beautiful! I love that picture of the tree and green bird. You mentioned getting it at hobby lobby. I couldn’t find it on their website. Could you tell me the artist so maybe I could find it elsewhere?

    • says

      I’m not really sure without taking it down. It doesn’t say anything on the front. I would take it down, but I have it up there with sticky stuff that doesn’t make it easy to take down. I will say that I was at Hobby Lobby last week {here} and they still had it.

  15. Haily says

    Are the curtains also a chocolate brown? Love the contrasting walls! Do you just have one wall painted in the chocolate color?

  16. Nancy says

    I love all your pics of your house you are truly talented. The first thing I thought other than it’s beautiful was that the bed does not seem to be centered in the room. My bedroom is small but has a wall that is not centered where I center the bed on. I think I could pull something similar to this on that wall. crossing my fingers. Thanks :-)

  17. Tauni says

    I finally found the bed! Well I found the name, now the challenge of finding someone who is selling that bed. Anyways, the bed is by Ashley Furniture, the Protege collection!

    I love the lamp on your bedside table. Did this come from hobby lobby or Pier 1? was it awhile ago?


  18. Eleni says

    I love your bedroom ( and your whole house)! I want to get the bedding and noticed they have it in brown and in lilac. Did you happen to see the lilac compared to the brown in person? I can’t decide what one I want. I have similar wall colors and furniture color in my room. Thanks for all the help!!

  19. says

    Mandy, I absolutely LOVE this room. I went today and found the tree and bird canvas picture, found the love sign and the wooden frame for it. The mirror i just guessed you’d also gotten from hobby lobby (until i read your posts today) Hobby Lobby has one but it’s much larger. We have brown curtians already. Our bed is a light wood color, my husband was thinking we could just paint it to something of similar color to what you have to create the look. My question is that our walls are currently the color of your accent wall here and our accent wall is the turqouis color of the bird in the canvas print. At first I was thinking we’ll paint it just like you have it, but i havent been able to find a comforter to match our room currently (we bought it painted like this) but really the turquois wall color might really tie the room together with all the accents you’ve put in the room with that hint of color. That way i wouldnt have to change our paint and i can look for neutral tones in my bedding. What do you think? I’d hate to paint if i can use what we have :)
    Jennifer´s last blog post ..{Fashion Advice} What To Wear To A Blogging Conference

    • says

      It’s hard to say without seeing the actual color of the teal wall. My initial thought is that it may work! The only thing that would concern me is that the colors may be too dark…unless the teal lightens up the room? Our lighter walls bring some brightness in to the room, but if all the walls for the color of our accent wall it would be dark and dreary.

  20. Harriet says

    Mandy, as everyone else, I love you master bedroom decor. I plan to do just about everything to mine that you have in your pic. One of my differences will be the bed. I have a platform bed with no headboard, hopefully that will work out okay. For anyone wondering about that mirror in the center I just picked one up from Target today *11/8/12* for $19.99 reg price. I was so excited because i figured I would not find it. They had just put them on the shelf.

  21. Mallory says

    Where did you find that vase in the top left corner?! I want!!! And what are those stick ball things? I like those too!

  22. Kelly says

    You are such an inspiration–love this!! Can you please tell me if you made the framed picture on the right? If so, is it material or scrapbook paper? Please explain? Appreciate it.

  23. Sherri says

    What size frame is on the right and what is the mat sized to hold? I love your room and have found everything except this frame. I bought one that holds 3 4x 6 but the actual frame is way too small and out of proportion. Thanks!

  24. Amy says

    You are so talented, I love all your rooms! Thank you fit sharing! I have no taste/style so things like this really help a Blah girl out!!

    The one thing I’m after I don’t see on the source list. In your master bed, the pic of the gold and silver/gray pic. What is that. Where might I find it?

    Thank you!!


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