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Entryway Design - Spruce up your Entryway

I honestly can’t believe I haven’t shared this space with y’all yet. Well, I take that back. I can. 

Remember when I mentioned that I like to finish projects about 90% and then move on to the next? That last 10% kills me! And it also holds me back from being able to reveal my makeovers to you. Gah! 

Character flaw. Character flaw.

Entryway Design Before and After

Entryway DesignEntryway Design Ideas

So what exactly was holding up this project?

Entryway Design Frame

The big green collage! Err, frame? Err, not sure what to call this fine piece of work now? It use to be a collage of pictures with glass. Oh, glass! That stuff is breakable. Who-da-thunk-it?

The lovely person who decided to take this off the wall and spray paint it {it wasn’t me I swear…or maybe it was} did not do a very good job of being careful.

Entryway Design - Modern Ideas

Long story short…well, not really. Short story short…I broke the glass during my spray paint frenzy.

And that folks, has been holding up this project reveal like nobody’s business. I’m sure you’re thinking, “just go get a new piece of glass cut”. I get it and that was my plan.

However, I am lazy when it comes to that kind of thing. The glass shop is only 15 minutes from my house, but I tell ya…if they don’t sell it at Wal-Mart…it could be a year {or in this case 9 months and going} before I do anything about it.

And so it sits. On the wall. Glass-less! I started browsing Pinterest {shocker} and I noticed that distressed window frames are pretty “in” right now. And then I thought…this kind of resembles a distressed window frame? Sorta? Lie to me, please because I’ve convinced myself the frame looks good like this.

Design Ideas - Entryway Design

And I don’t need any of y’all bursting my decor bubble right now. Ya hear me?

Oh yea, this post is suppose to be about what I’ve painted lately. Back on track.

I painted the glass-less frame like I mentioned. It went from black to green. But I also painted the two frames you see on this little shelf.

Entryway Design Decor

The one with the “R” use to be black with a white mat. I painted the frame off white, the mat green and the “R” blue.

How to Master Entryway Design

Did you spy the cute little bench and coat rack that my dad built? It’s pretty fantastic. Unique {my favorite}.

Modern Decor - Entryway Design

It’s probably hard to tell from the picture, but the hooks spell out ROSE. :)

The bench design was my idea so that the boys would have a place to put on their shoes. I still need to get a cushion made {this is where that 10% creeps back in}. But, the wall coat hanger piece was all my dad’s idea.

Hooks Entryway Design

Of course, you know I wouldn’t show you a space that lacked any chevron. Bahaha!

I painted this frame green as well and the chevron board is actually fabric over a cork board. Just a little spot to hang last minute reminders.

Chevron Entryway Design

I probably failed to mention that the biggest paint job in here was the board & batten on the wall! We did a similar board & batten in my dining room last year and absolutely loved how it turned out.

Board and Batten Entryway Design

Entryway Design Board & Batten

For those of you who are waiting on my kitchen command center reveal? I overcame the 10% and finished that project last week.

Proud?  I’ll share the details soon.

Entryway Design Back Door

Entryway Design Coat Hooks

The hooks on the wall are so functional! For the staging of these photos I thought it looked prettier without the backpacks or jackets hanging, but the truth is…these hooks are usually being used at all times!

Entryway Design Backpack Hooks

So there you have it. Another entryway idea for your fabulous little {er, big} brains!

Entryway Design - Easy Entryway Makeover

 In case you missed my last entryway reveal…

Entryway Design Front Entry

…just click here.



  1. says

    i like the green frame…I would keep the glass out and just pop a big print or two or some pics behind it on a cork board and call it a day- I have glass frames in the house and they still make me nervous with little ones- also- i have that same rug- I think I got it at pier 1 or something-

  2. Amy says

    I love the “collage!” You could paint metal binder clips, and change out the pictures or the kids artwork! No glass! Love it!

  3. Erin says

    I love it! It looks so pretty! What is the name of the wall color you used? And what color is the green spray paint?

    I like the look of the frame without glass, keep as is.

  4. says

    It is gorgeous!!! And hey, what if you just leave the glass off that green frame and have some instagram photos printed – then maybe you can add some kind of clip on to each square so you can change the photos whenever you want. Just an idea – because the squares look to be about the size of insta prints.
    Carmel´s last blog post ..Paint It Party!

  5. says

    Well. I’m going to need you to just pack a little carry-on bag, and then stuff a week’s worth of clothes into one you’ll probably have to check. And then you sit back on that plane, get yourself a little bag of trail mix and a half-cup of Sprite that sets you back $8, and then you fly yourself on out to Small Town, USA (which is a whole lot more West than y’all are at), because you’re going to have to do some decorating at my house. I will keep you supplied with a very steady intake of little white cups decorated with green mermaids, straight from the Starbucks at the bottom of the hill, and I will talk your ear off while you work and rearrange and say, “How can you live in this house with nothing on THIS wall?” Because honestly? I’m sick of having that big blank wall, and I wish that I had a giant picture frame to break the glass out of, so I could spray paint it and say, “Look! I broke it on accident, but now it looks fabulous like this, and people all across the globe are pinning it like wildfire!” And you might need to bring your dad with you. Hubs is VERY GOOD at building things, but Hubs has this thing called a full-time job, and then there’s televised hockey games to watch in the evenings, and Hubs isn’t always EXCITED about dragging out the table saw and the staple gun. But it looks like your dad is fantastic at throwing things together with wood and glue and tiny nails, so have him sit next to you on the plane. I can pump him full of Starbucks’ goodness, too, or I can grab him a twelve-pack of tacos from the local Taco Bell, and maybe he could build me an entryway bench too!

    Your house is amazing, and I’ve turned into your little groupie, following your blog along. Well done with this entryway, and I’m trying to patiently wait for the kitchen command center reveal, because listen! I need one of those like I need oxygen! I feel like mission control is losing control over all the scheduling and whatnot that happens in a household, and we all know that a PRETTY command center that’s ORGANIZED and also VERY CLEAN will perk things up and make me use my best handwriting on the calendar!

    Love your blog.
    Jedi Mama´s last blog post ..Taking The Next Step

  6. Charli says

    Get ya a package of clothes pins at Walmart and use them to attach pics of the kiddos to that green pic frame. Randomly, all over the inside. No need for the glass! And it makes it easier to swap em out or add new ones.

  7. Chris Hunter says

    You could use clothes pins or paper binder clips and just use it for pictures, notes or reminders, anything like that. Why spend the money on more glass!

  8. says

    It looks great! I have the same problem with getting distracted for the last few things in a makeover and letting them go for months on end. I don’t think I would have realized there was supposed to be glass there if you hadn’t pointed it out. I had the same idea a few other commenters had; get some mini clothespins (Hobby Lobby sells them 20 for $3.47, I think, then use a 40% off coupon) and clip the pictures onto the frame. It’s the best kind of project: easy, quick, no special equipment required.

  9. Mikelle Gentry says

    Love what you have done! What is the white color used on your trim work throughout your home?

  10. Ashlyn says

    Love this makeover! Just a thought for the re- vintage collage/frame.. Hang up a few of your kids pictures or artwork with clothes pins! You can change them often and it’ll keep the room fresh and new!

  11. kara says

    Hi Mandy!
    Love your home- such a beautiful inspiration!!
    I couldn’t find the name of this ‘griege-y’ color you used for the garage entryway…would you mind sharing? Looks perfect for what I’m searching for.

  12. Amanda says

    Please oh please let me know materials used to do your board and batten or direct me to a tutorial :) This is just amazing 😉

  13. kellea says

    I’ve enjoyed each room of your house! it’s so expressive of your personality…your ideas challenge me! I’m particularly curious about the chandelier in your back entry way. It caught my eye right away and was hoping you’d mention where you purchased it, but i didn’t see a comment about that…it’s just what i’d have in mind for our bedroom remodel now


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