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Is This What It’s Like To Live With Boys?

is this what it's like to live with boys - Spidermanis this what it's like to live with boys Spiderman Pajamas

is this what it's like to live with boys spiderman mask

Just in case you were curious…Spiderman lives at my house. But I don’t have just ONE spidey-fellow. Oh no, I have way more.

In fact, I’m wondering how I got caught in this web?

Shall I be thankful that they are dressed in these pictures or annoyed that the only attire they will agree to wear is Spiderman pajamas?

is this what it's like to live with boys brothers

Except for SJ. God love him. He’s still too young to defy the clothes. Thank you baby Jesus!

And no, I swear my tree is not still up. These pictures were taken in December {I’m slowwwwww}.

No one here wants to chat about Tinkerbell or baby dolls. We live, eat, and breathe superheros.

Hold me. 

is this what it's like to live with boys spiderman underwear

I still consider this clothed.

If the pants are over the feet? We consider that a success. I don’t care if undies are in site.

is this what it's like to live with boys and daddy

is this what it's like to live with boys big kid

Now excuse me while I go secretly watch Cinderella in my bedroom.  


  1. Diana says:

    Really cute post

  2. Jennifer V. says:

    This cracked me up! I have two sons, two male dogs and a husband who thinks he is a kid too. It’s constant farting noises, pretending to be superheros and wrestling, etc.

    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom
    Jennifer V.´s last blog post ..You got here how??

  3. I feel ya girl! We are all super heroes here at our house too! In the last week or so, Parker & Griffin have been hooked on Power Rangers & Ninja Turtles. All of the karate is wearing me out!
    Tonya @ Love of Family & Home´s last blog post ..13 Valentines Day Wreaths To Inspire

  4. Lauren says:

    Skipping right over the superheroes, I’m just glad I’m not the only one battling keeping children in clothes! James is almost ALWAYS just in undies (maybe undies and a shirt) when we’re home. And you know what? I don’t care. As long as he’s not undressing in public, I’m okay with it. HA!
    Lauren´s last blog post ..Memory Keeping

  5. Ann Marie says:

    Posts like this make me not-so-scared to have boys! Looks like tons of superhero fun! I’m one of 3 girls and my husband has a sister, so I didn’t grow up with boys… If God thinks I can handle them…. SO be it. Haha, my mom always said God knew she couldn’t handle boys, so He gave her 3 girls.

  6. HAHA. Hilarious! Gotta love boys. I only have one but I could totally see myself an “all boy momma!!” :) xo

  7. This is absolutely adorable. I’m guessing my husband and dad feel this way about our family. Girls dominate around here (from 3 to 57 years old) and we’re all fairies, princesses, lipstick, and boots. My mom had two girls, my sister had two girls, and I have two girls. Estrogen everywhere. LOL
    Tonia Sanders™ (@TheChattyMomma)´s last blog post ..DIY: Create Your Own Nail Hardener (for Pennies)

  8. I have three boys…the middle of which turned 9 today! The oldest is 11 and the youngest is 7…and a half! My daughter is about to 4 (12 days and counting!) I can remember those days before she came…..and the “hold me” moments that seemed to be more frequent than not! Spiderman is awesome, tho….I still have our first spidy outfit…size 6 months….I was very sad when we finally out grew the super heros….now we collect military toy guns and camo attire….my boys are fighting the war on terror….in my hallway!

  9. Rochelle says:

    Ahh…that brings me back. My son loved superheroes, Spidey especially. He even learned to ride his two wheeler in full Spidey costume. Now we are into sports. EVERY.SINGLE.ONE. He doesn’t just play sports, he watches them, he’s always bouncing around the house “pitching” or “shooting” baskets. I don’t know how he sits still in school!!

  10. Lisa I says:

    Hahaha! Oh Mandy, I wish I could say they will grow out of it, but my soon to be 18yr old senior in high school wears his spidey outfit regularly to school! He is the social butterfly and I love that he is not afraid to be different, but honestly I am tired of sewing this costume back together! I did finally get my girl with number 3, but even at 4 years old…she loves hanging with her bros! Luckily, she can roll in the mud in her pink tutu and plastic high heels!

  11. Anna says:

    And this is exactly what it’s like to live in my house!
    Anna´s last blog post ..I’m Back!

  12. meredith says:

    you and I are kindred spirits… girly girl mamas to three wild, precious boys! with a wild, precious hubby to boot! Darci tells me you’ll be at Blissdom… I am so excited to meet you! I need to be a better blogger and comment on your darling blog more often. I couldn’t pass this post up without saying “hello!”

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