J’s appearance on Jimmy Fallon



 As my hubby was peacefully sleeping Wednesday night…his bf Steve from LA text him at 3 AM these exact words “dude, I just saw you on the Jimmy Fallon show”

J didn’t think much of it because he thought he was just referring to The Rock. Everywhere we go someone is always stopping us to tell us that J looks like “The Rock”. I do see the similarities, but I would say J is a mini version of The Rock. Trust me, I’ve seen him naked (my husband that is) and he is not nearly as jacked as Dwayne. Sorry, honey, you do have a nice body…but let’s be real…no one is as big as The Rock!


Apparently, Steve was NOT talking about Dwayne Johnson being on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon….he was talking about this:


Skip to the 1:17 mark if you want to know what I am talking about.

Side note: No, J is not an investment banker, he is a Certified Financial Planner. No, he did not submit his picture to the Jimmy Fallon show. Remember when I said his friend is a photographer and he puts J’s pictures on a stock photography website? Yea, that is how this happened. I am now fully convinced that he is definitely on  a billboard in China.


  1. LovesPINKandPEARLS says

    haha, i actually saw that on tv, and went in my head “darn, that man looks strangely familiar”…

  2. Jenna says

    THAT is super weird! i can’t believe they can do that, but i guess you can take it as a compliment that your husband is a great stock photo model!! but still weird, i guess they don’t regulate that stuff like they should. btw i did THREE posts today! and love the ketchup and swim gf post!

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